In-video scoring through interaction

In-video scoring through interaction

You can save scores using variables. Variables are elements that can assume a certain value. A variable consists of a key and a value. The key is the ‘label’ of the variable, and is used to identify the variable. The value is the meaning or merit that is given to a variable. This value (or merit) can consist of a series of letters or numbers. Variables that are acquired through user interactions can be used in a variety of ways and situations. Some examples are:

  • Knowledge quizzes / personality testst
  • Giveaways
  • Serious game
  • E-learning
  • Instructional videos

Setting up a variable through ‘Interactions’

You can apply a variable on the basis of the users click- or mouse-over actions. This means that an interaction made by the user will be (temporarily) saved as a value. This can then, for example, be used to quiz a user’s knowledge. 


You have created a moment of choice  with three buttons (A, B and C). The right answer is B, and it’s value is 3 points. 

Select the desired element (a button, for example) and go to Interactions. Click on the bleu (+) button to add a new interaction. Choose On Click in the opened window, and select the Set variable option. Continue by pressing the blue (+) button to add the variable. 

Use the following configuration:

Add (+)

Continue by clicking Apply

Show score

You can present variables by using tag located in the Text Tool component. Read this article for further information:

> Dynamisch tekst tonen met tags

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