Adding subtitles

Videotutorial: Adding subtitles

How to add subtitles to your video's

In this tutorial we'll take you through the entire process of adding subtitles to your videos. We explain how to format your subtitle files, how to add time to your clips and give some extra information about how to use it.

Customize subtitles

You can customize your subtitles to make it stand out more, or sync better with the branding. You can read how to do this in this article

Special characters in subtitle

If you have letters with with accents or special symbols in your subtitles (for example: é, ë, å, ß) make sure you save your srt file as 'UTF-8 with BOM'. Normal UTF-8 don't recognize these special characters.

Force subtitle language

If you want to force a subtitle to start on a certain language, no matter what the browser settings are, you can do this by adding some extra code behind the project code. This can also help if you have a database with different languages in your project. In this case you'll have to add "?&iv_force_subtitle=fr" ('fr' is standing here for french). Below is a list of all the languages you can select and their shortcode.

   br: Brazilian Portugese

   he: עִבְרִית

   ar: اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ

   id: Bahasa Indonesia

   bg: български

   cs: čeština

   da: Dansk

   de: Deutsch

   el: ελληνικά

   et: Eesti keel

   en: English

   es: Español

   fa: فارسی

   fr: Français

   hr: Hrvatski

   it: Italiano

   lv: Latviešu valoda

   lt: Lietuvių kalba

   ko: 한국어

   hu: Magyar nyelv

   nl: Nederlands

   nn: Norsk

   pl: Polski

   pt: Português

   ro: Limba română

   ru: Pусский

   sk: Slovenčina

   sl: slovenski jezik

   sr: српски језик

   sv: Svenska

   fi: Suomalainen

   tr: Türk

   ja: 日本

   th: ไทย

   zh: 中文简体

   zt: 中文繁體

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