Customize subtitles

Subtitle Customization

How to customize your subtitles

Some projects need customization in their subtitles to follow the rules of the brand, or to make it more fitted for the target group or implementation.

How to add subtitles

A first thing ofcourse is how to add subtitles to your clips. In this video tutorial you can see how it is done and how the subtitle files need to be formatted for use in Ivory

How to go to the subtitle settings

To customize your subtitles we first need to go to the subtitle settings. This is in the project settings
Click on the three dots next to the projects' name

And in the pop-up menu, click on subtitles


Here is a simple explanitory of the different settings. Keep in mind these settings are project based. So all subtittles in the entire project will be effected by this. As the time, there is no way to have different settings for different subtitles or clips.

Here you can choose from all the webfonts ivory has in its library.

The size of the subtitle can be adjusted here. Often projects aimed at mobile viewing have a different size than projects mostly viewed on desktop

Adding a drop shadow helps seperation the subtitle from its background. White subtitles on white backgrounds are still easy to read with this function on.

Change the main font color to your liking.

Here you can choose a background color and how transparant it should be. 0% is not visible, 100% is solid. The background will be a box tight around your subtitles. It will disappear when there are no subtitles visible on screen.

A box is a solid square on top of your video. When the transparancy is highter than 0%, this box will always be visible, even when there is no subtitle text.

As the box is always visible when added, you can resize it to a percentage of the width of the screen.

As the box is always visible when added, you can resize it to a percentage of the height of the screen.

This will set how heigh the subtitle is on screen (in percentages). You can put it on the top of the video instead of in the bottom. For vertical videos this can help not having the subtitles over the controls.

Besides the webfonts you can select in the top, it is also possible to add custom fonts. Send as a ticket with a OTF file included, so we can upload it on our servers. We will send you a direct link of the font, which you can put in this box.

You can even add custom CSS to your subtitle, background or boxes. Things like gradients or very specific looks can be coded over here.

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