Sending a WhatsApp message from a video

Sending a WhatsApp message from a video

Send a WhatsApp message from a video

How cool is that! You can now send a WhatsApp message directly from a video.

1. Create an interaction

You can set up an interaction on any component. Click on the blue ‘plus’ to create the interaction

2. Select WhatsApp To 

Select the option WhatsApp to.  Enter the phone number you wish the viewers to be WhatsApping to. Make sure you use the internationally used formulation for phone numbers, while not using any special characters.

3. Confirm the interaction 

To save the interaction, click on the ‘apply’ button. This will save your settings and close the screen. 

4. View, and Whatsapp from, your video

View the video via the project URL (see:  Publiceren en embedden) and send your first message!

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