Social Share

Social Share component

How does the Social Share component work

It often happens that viewers like you're interactive video so much, that they want to share the it with colleagues or friend. That why we build in the Social Share component to quickly let everybody share your Interactive Video. This will also help you get a more views and a bigger audience.

How it works

Just drag the component onto your timeline and make sure it has the right lenght to show it the entire video

The component is really easy to use, and is mostly centered about one 'Share Link'. This is the link that people share when they click on their Social. Most of the time this is the landig page where the video is embedded.

What does it do

When the viewer clicks on the share icon in the video, it pops-up an overlay. Here he/she can pick how to share it, and below the link that will be shared. When clicked on one of the icons, it will pop-up a windows to log in into that social, or when already logged in, pop up a message with the link and a field where you can put additional info. This is all done without leaving the interactive video.

What it doesn't do

Although we would love to use Interactive video on social media directly, most of Social media reject any other outside applications (a few exceptions are there for normal videos from youtube or vimeo). This means that the social component will not share the interactive video to be used within the social media, but a link to the landing page where the interactive video is embedded.

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