Adding subtitles

Adding subtitles

Subtitles are the textual support that are displayed at the bottom side of the screen during a video. This function is frequently used to display, for example,  dialogues or voice-overs as written text, so that the video is comprehensible even when it is played without audio. Ivory Studio supports the use of SRT-files as subtitles. The SRT-file is the most used file type for subtitles. 

Step 1

Select the video-element you wish to add subtitles to by clicking it on the timeline. Go to Options, then go to Subtitles and click on Add subtitle.

Step 2

A new window named Subtitle browser will be opened. Click on ‘Upload subtitle’ to add a new subtitle. Choose a name, select a language, and add the SRT-file. Click on ‘Start upload’ to upload the file. 

Step 3

Select the added file in the list and click on ‘Select’. The subtitles have now been added to the video-element. 

Subtitle tracks in multiple languages

It is possible to add multiple subtitle tracks in different languages to a video. To do so, repeat the steps as described above. When the video is played, added subtitles will automatically be generated in accordance with the language settings of the browser that is used. 

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