Adding Hover state to an image

Adding Hover state to an image

When you use your own assets to create custom buttons, it is useful to work with a so-called ‘hover state’. This is a variant of the image that will be shown as soon as the user(s) hover their mouse over the concerning image (mouse-over). This form of feedback helps the user understand that the button is active and clickable.

N.B. the hover image will only be shown on desktop devices. Mobile devices do not possess a hover state function. 

Adding and configurating

Select the image element you wish to add a hover variant to, either on the timeline or the canvas. Go to options and press on the ‘change’ button, located on the second line, next to the ‘Hover’ heading. The element browser will be opened. Select the desired image in your window, and press ‘change’ again. The hover image has now been added. 
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