Batch replace files / bestanden in Batch vervangen

Batch replace files / bestanden in Batch vervangen

When will it be possible to batch replace files for new ones? 

Now I have to replace each file by hand. In my latest project I will have 90 files to replace and sometimes multiple times.
Why: because we need to setup the project before footage is graded, or before the voice-over has been finalized, or because we will bake in subtitles later. 

Replacing 90 files means:
90x clicking asset in time line
90x clicking 'CHANGE'
90x Waiting for BROWSE ELEMENT pop-up to load (takes 5 seconds)
90x Browse elements to find the correct element
90x Select 
90x click CHANGE

This takes a lot of time. And it's tedious / boring and prone to errors. It feels like a waste of time.

I would like to have an option where I can upload files in batch (like now) and when they have the same name as files that are already uploaded, it will ask 'replace'. 

See the video attached how that works. 
All attributes will remain, it's just the 'basic' video file that will change.

We have already touched on this earlier in a conversation, so maybe it's already being looked at, or decided to not do it at all. 

But I would like to have it out here as well and see if more creators have the same need.